In today’s podcast episode, we have a very special guest, Duccio Zambrini, the founder and owner of “London Connector,” an organisation that specialises in networking and connecting professionals. 

London Connector - Duccio Zambrini
London Connector – Duccio Zambrini

London Connector

“Jibba Jabba” is a captivating podcast that takes listeners on a deep dive into the stories of successful entrepreneurs and innovators. In this episode, the host, Sanj Saigal, sits down with the Duccio Zambrini, the founder and owner of “London Connector.” This organisation specialises in networking and connecting professionals, and Duccio’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Dream To Reality

He started by hosting small networking events inviting professionals from various industries. The positive response he received encouraged him to expand his vision. He quickly recognised the transformative power of networking and how it could open doors for individuals, both personally and professionally.

However, building a strong network from scratch presented its own set of challenges. It required unwavering dedication and persistence. Convincing professionals to attend networking events and demonstrating the value of connecting with others proved to be a task in itself. But with time and consistent effort, the reputation of “London Connector” grew, and more professionals started recognising the immense benefits of networking.

London Events

He goes on to explain the concept offered by “London Connector” to professionals looking to expand their network. They organise industry-specific events that facilitate meaningful connections. To further foster collaboration, they have also created a LinkedIn community where professionals can connect.

What sets “London Connector” apart from other networking organisations is their unwavering commitment to creating authentic and genuine connections. They prioritise quality over quantity, ensuring that professionals connect with like-minded individuals who can add value to their careers and personal lives. Their focus on creating a supportive and inclusive community makes everyone feel welcome and encouraged to network.


As the podcast draws to a close, Duccio offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build their own networking businesses. He emphasises the importance of staying focused on one’s vision, being persistent, and never underestimating the power of genuine connections. Networking is not just about exchanging business cards; it’s about building relationships and nurturing them over time. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to always add value to others and be open to learning from everyone they meet.

“Jibba Jabba” is an engaging podcast that provides valuable insights into the world of successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Through interviews like this one with Duccio Zambrini, listeners gain inspiration, knowledge, and practical advice.

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