We talk to Matt Cooper, the CEO, visionary and founder of magLabs, about his journey and learn more about this intriguing organisation that provides data management solutions for some of the UK’s most iconic brands.

The Networking Magazine caught up with Matt Cooper for a candid conversation on his journey with magLabs.

An iconic brand

Data is king; technology plays a significant part in providing a business with longevity. Scalable tech based on an organisation’s individual needs is a key feature of corporate strategy. magLabs is an iconic brand, and it has earned its stripes as a recognised market leader in data management. 

Looking at their portfolio of clients, they have a bespoke approach reflected by the sheer variety of sectors they work in. This brand diversity ranges from high street coffee shops to entertainment. 

Matt Cooper

Market leader

Sitting on the bylines, you often wonder where all our data goes, but this is not just about storage. It’s about management and how data is used to create and develop new business. Priding themselves on the highest security levels and seamlessly storing enormous amounts of data across worldwide locations, they are indeed a market leader in every sense of the term. 

Website ecosystem, holistic approach, and digital asset management are just some of the beautifully crafted terminology that plays to a curious mind. 

We could all learn something from a non-negotiable high level of service, a business that listens to a client’s wish list and empowers a process to deliver results to complex problems. So I was keen to speak to Matt Cooper, the founder and CEO of magLabs, about his journey and to find out more about what this intriguing company offers organisations in terms of data management.

A passion for technology

What was your own fascination with the world of marketing technology?

I have always had a passion for technology (web-based solutions). The marketing world has given me this fantastic playground of challenges that we can use technology to overcome. This fast-paced, ever-changing industry ensures there is never a dull moment.

“First Class Marketing Technology with exceptional customer services, helping your brand work harder”.

Providing technology solutions

How did Maglabs journey begin?

magLabs was originally the IT team within Magnet Harlequin, a multi-channel production and packaging agency. We began life providing technology solutions to drive efficiency through their processes and for their clients. Once we started creating solutions for our own clients, it was a natural step to create magLabs.

The path

Did you dictate the path your organisation took or decide to let your company take you on a path?

I’d say a little of both. As a business, we have always had a clear direction of where we were driving our technology; sometimes, client requirements or opportunities would dictate the business’s path. More recently, we have invested in research to enable us to anticipate and get ahead of the market and its’ needs.

magLabs - Digital solutions, the title of this editorial.

Approach to customer service

So many businesses have a niche. So what is Maglabs and why?

I always say it’s our approach to customer service. We’re very proud of our long-standing relationships with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and institutions. We’re there 24/7 for them across multiple channels, and it’s that support that they recognise and value as well as the quality of our products and solutions.


Work ethic

Your organisation has a very strong work ethic; how would you describe your strategy towards such a changeable and fast-paced sector?

Working to anticipate trends and customer needs is key for us. But, again, our focus on the customer, really getting to know the customer and the problem they are trying to solve, is important to us. We don’t want to provide them with a one size fits all; we want to solve their problems and help them to achieve their goals. 

Storing assets

Should new businesses care about how digital assets are stored, managed and shared?

Absolutely! Storing assets has moved on considerably since the days of boxes of CDs under someone’s desk. However, with so many storage solutions available to businesses these days, it is more important than ever that they have solid processes for storing, managing and sharing assets to ensure control, security and compliance. It’s no longer just about brand control. Businesses need to ensure compliance on so many fronts, and robust asset management solutions provide this. 


As essentially a service provider, why should a potential client choose to work with you?

Simple. Because our customer service is second to none. We work with our clients to fully understand their challenges and design solutions completely tailored to their requirements. In addition, post-launch, our in-house 24/7 365 support team are always on hand to help our clients with any support required.

Client testimonials

If I was to ask a client to tell me what makes your company so unique, what do you think they would say?

They would echo my previous answers and testify to the lengths we continually go for them to ensure they are completely satisfied. The client testimonials we have all refer to us as their partners and think that is what makes our offering unique and enables us to have such long-standing relationships.   

Lessons from the past

What lessons have been learnt from the past?

I think in our industry, it is vital that you take learnings from every project you deliver. Technology delivery is fast-paced, and the best practice for delivering a project is a continual moving feast. 

Significant milestone

What was the most significant milestone for MagLabs?

There have been a few key milestones, but probably the biggest was us making the step to create magLabs back in 2008. We felt strongly at the time that we had the right approach to create something really special with the team we have, and thankfully that has proven to be the case. 

The future

Do you think that the landscape Maglabs works in will change in the future?

Absolutely and we relish the challenge of the changing landscape. Our industry doesn’t stand still for a second, so to be a leading-edge technology agency, we need to be ahead of the curve at all times. 

Work-life balance

Is it essential to disconnect from a work environment?

100%. We have recognised since our inception that our teams (and us) need to strike a good work-life balance. magLabs were very early adopters of the flexible working approach (this came in handy last year!) and support all of our team in their non-work pursuits. At magLabs, we have footballers, guitarists, punks, gymnasts, bakers, and many more who need the ability to shut down at the end of the day and walk away from their laptops. 

I have a young family and love the ability to do the school run or take football training between Zoom meetings and emails. 


Is the ability to multitask a vital trait if you manage a business?

I am not sure how you would survive managing a business without it. However, whilst multitasking is a necessary trait when running your business, you need to find a balance to ensure that you stay efficient and able to perform at your strongest.