The stadium concept; promoting children’s wellbeing.

Philip Murphy has been a PGA pro since 1982. Lynne Sweeney qualified in 1996 as the Titleist Trainee of the year for GB and Ireland. The Murphy Sweeney golf school was formed in 1996 when Philip and Lynne teamed up. The Irish Ladies Golf Union employed MSGS as National Junior coaches from 1996 to 1999. Since 2008 MSGS is based in Midlands Ireland teaching at five clubs. We teach people of all ages, but Our passion is with Junior Golf, and we have had great success with Juniors in all of these clubs. 

The Stadium Concept

We discovered the Stadium Concept Online. I spotted a few YouTube videos and liked what we saw immediately.  The Stadium Concept philosophy is something we have always believed in; Make Golf Fun, make Learning Fun, especially for kids. We have always included games and fun and energy in our classes and camps. Still, The Stadium Concept fuses it in a package that is complete, professional and based on scientific research.

We have been using it for two months now at Mount Temple Golf Club in Co. Westmeath. It’s been an enormous success. We love using it. Kids and parents love it too. It has so much potential. Our plan is to get adults utilising this system for Winter training. Also, we want to start doing corporate days using; “the Stadium Concept”. 

It takes a little bit of getting used to, but we find it fantastic now. We have all our student profiles, levels, testing, training etc. at the push of a button. Training sessions are so easy to set up and customise. We have hundreds of exercises to choose from and videos to show pupils. We can time kids on the track and get rankings easily. It’s really cool and fun to use.

We are excited to be part of the Stadium Family. We can’t wait to see it grow all over the world.

“Make Golf fun, make learning fun, especially for kids”.