Michelle Lovett is synonymous with acting and production, appearing in Jay Jay’s Men Pray Too(2021) and Life Love and Lockup.

Her story is based not only on achievement; it’s one of an insatiable appetite to cross over to a multitude of genres.

Described as a serial entrepreneur, there is much to learn from a skill set that crosses so many genres. A social media influencer, Michelle has now amassed close to 90,000 Instagram followers with an insatiable appetite for her unique content.


I was keen to help form a link between Michelle and new talent that would see her as a mentor, someone they could identify with. Following a traditional path may incorporate more than one role when the world resets itself from the Pandemic.

Diversity is a word on everyone’s lips as people find harmony between work and home life. The Networking Magazine caught up with her in Atlanta.

When did you know that you had a talent?

I’m told that I was reading at the age of 4. I realised I had several gifts, including the gift of acting, writing, singing, prophecy and more.

Your path must have been far from a traditional one, perhaps faced with a plethora of twists and turns along the way. So what would you claim to be the most defining moment in your career to date? 

Weathering the storm of death and depression from losing my Mom, three siblings, extended family & friends back to back while being a manager in the corporate world.

Is there a lesson to be learnt from having multiple income streams?

Take your time building each business pulling layer by layer to be successful and most effective. 

Do you have a personal favourite from your skillset? Why? 

Mentorship as it provides an example of leadership. One must always lead by example. 

What challenges have you overcome in your personal and professional career? 

Numerous amounts of times, I’ve had to honestly pray my way through all my sickness, immediate personable deaths, trials, tribulations, folks lying on you, backstabbing coming to and forth, envy plus jealousy coming at me like a freight train. 

Did you find your path, or did your path find you?

I found my path, and my path found me just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, I was headed for self-destruction.

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself? Why?

In all situations, please know when to hold them & fold them. Remain humble and fly high like an eagle. Controlling your tongue doing more listening than anything shall forever sit on the throne. 

A photo of the sign; On Air to represent an editorial on Michelle Lovett
On Air – Michelle Lovett

Can you tell our audience something that nobody knows about you?

I started driving at eight years old.

You wear so many hats; how do you switch off? 

GOD, prayer & prioritising everything. 

What makes you happy?

Life, love and being unlocked up mentally, physically or spiritually.

Can you name a song that could be written about you? 

It was necessary by fantasia.

How important is social media to you? Why?

Extremely important! It’s the new way of promoting business, networking, marketing, plus exposure.

What skill is common to everything that you do? Why?

Having knowledge and experience in the financial world, patience, plus discernment.

In the industry, you have to spend to win; success doesn’t come overnight, so having patience is a must. However, a person with great discernment will separate the real from the fake. 

Decisions are made by those who show up.

Aaron Sorkin

What does the future hold for Michelle Lovett, the brand? 

Let’s just say, MAJOR. Conferences, film, books, stage plays, classes, brunches, events & more.

3x Bestselling Author. 

Publisher and Curator Coach. 

Executive Producer, Owner of; NOW TV network channel. (Meme all over productions channel)

Owner of a health, wellness and beauty online business.