With an insatiable appetite for scouting new talent and his film debut, we speak to Vinny Fiorenza about his career.

We file individuals. Placing them into a genre because society requires this. So it’s refreshing to meet those that go against the grain. They create opportunities using networking to their advantage.

His want and need to pursue a career in the movie industry saw Vincent Fiorenza embark on a journey that most could only dream of. His friends describe him as the life and soul of the party and someone who gets things done no matter what the odds are.

Film Producer

There is admiration for professionals who can manage more than one role, and I think Vincent is a shining example of how that is done. A highly respected and influential freelancer, coupled with his position as a film producer, demonstrates achievement through hard work, determination and time management.

Standing out - Vinny Fiorenza
Vinny Fiorenza

Indie Movie Genre

Generally speaking, the indie genre has broken away from the shadows of conventional production. It has undoubtedly dominated the book, film and tv landscape today. However, my writing origins experienced some of the challenges involved in 2011 when I penned my first novel.

On some level, I think that formed an instant bond with Vinny. He commented that he was passionate about meeting like-minded people. There is something of a boom in this form of filmmaking genre, and on a personal footing, I can see why it’s giving rise to new producers like Vinny, who may have otherwise overlooked the opportunity years ago. 

Romance Film Genre

Love and Love not is based on a man who entertained casual relationships. Its twists and turns would see him involved with a woman who broke his heart years ago. The film features an all-star cast in toe, to include Francesco D’Onofrio, Makenna Perkal, Afton Boggiano, Fabiana Udenio, Alex Corrado, Chase Vacnin,, Joseph D’Onofrio, Garret Louis, Sofie Marie, Mike Taverna and Jansen Panettiere.

In a world dominated by superhero movies, on a personal note, it’s refreshing to know that there is diversity and that writers and producers still hold value for good old-fashioned romance.

Talent Manager

Firstly, Vinny’s story was important and needed to be told. He is only 27 years old, an influencer and mentor and can identify with a younger audience. Moreover, young producers and writers see their paths riddled with obstacles preventing them from embarking on a professional corporate career. Identifying with his journey may otherwise persuade others, which would be a fantastic achievement within this genre, which is dependent on people making a stand against tradition.

A talent manager and producer based in West Hollywood, Vinny is carving out a credible reputation as an upcoming talent. A chance trip to Los Angeles from his home town of Staten Island in New York at the tail end of 2019 would facilitate his path, which was a turn of fate by his own admission.

Valuable Connections

He made valuable connections in the film, music and entertainment sectors which opened the doors of opportunity. His involvement in the aforementioned sectors gave him the direction needed, and it wouldn’t be long before he produced; Love and Love Not, which I might add is in the festival circuit and has been in the Malibu International Film Festival, Festigious International and others with more notification dates to come. 

West Hollywood

His natural ability to scout for new talent remains part of his make as he finds synergy between his position at Bohemia Group at their West Hollywood office and being involved in the movie industry. Networking forms the origin of everything he does, both personally and professionally.

I caught up with Vinny in West Hollywood for a candid conversation about his chosen path and some of the challenges he has had to overcome.

How did you get involved with your industry?

The opportunity of working in the entertainment industry kind of landed in my lap. Many of my close friends are artists in the film and music industries and thought I would be a good fit as a part of their projects. Since joining some of those teams, I have never looked back and have found a knack for producing and building teams. 

How would you define the role of a film producer?

I can speak from my experience on the indie level. There was not a single part of the film I did not play a role in somewhere. Your job is to make sure all the right team members are hired, doing their job and are paid correctly. It’s something that is all-consuming that I’m grateful to be doing. 

Scouting talent is what you’re known for; how much of that task involves social media?

I use social media on a daily basis, but not exactly for talent scouting. I’m fortunate enough to work at a company where a lot of clients come to us at all different stages of their careers. So, I use social media for networking and promoting. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Taking a project from an idea to a fully completed package. This goes for actors and being a part of their journey, seeing them start from the development stage and continue taking great strides in landing more prominent roles. 

To date, what was your most significant achievement?

So far, my most significant achievement was moving from NYC to LA. However, since then, I would say the completion of the film Love and Love Not. 

You’re very much involved with the film industry as you release your first film, Love & Love Not. Is it hard to be in the limelight?

I would not consider myself in the limelight at all. That time may come. But for now, I am excited to get this film out there and in front of some great people. I would like to use this film and other developing projects to propel myself and my team to the next level within the film industry. 

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t in your industry?

Working in hospitality. I always wanted to work in events. I decided to take an untraditional route to host events by creating my own movie set, which has a lot of its own moving parts like an event. 

What advice would you give someone who is new to acting and wants a manager?

Don’t be shy to ask for what you want; so always network and ensure you have all your assets in order. A simple task, frequently overlooked. 

Manufacturing opportunities

Generally, society files individuals. Placed into a genre purely because society requires this procedure for understanding. It’s refreshing to meet those that go against the grain, manufacturing opportunities using networking to their advantage.

We are all on a learning curve, and I think Vinny would be the first to admit that. I wish him the very best of luck as he embarks on his journey into film production.