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One of the perks of writing for a living is that no two days are the same; I get to speak to talented people from all walks of life. I managed to catch up with Di, the topline songwriter, producer and composer behind DiDs music.

From humble beginnings, Di wrote over 500 songs, recording over 150 of them to date. Working with session singers and artists enabled DiDs music to release music worldwide.

The Interview

What are the origins of the name, DiDs music?

Di is short for Dianne, which I never liked; my husband is from South Africa, so I fused a part of his surname to it and came up with the name. 

You started your career at a very early age; what was it like to be in the music industry at that time?

Years ago, it was all based on publishers, record labels and recording studios, to name a few taking their cut. Artists would always hope to make money, but they only got a small slice of what was left. 

Music was a passion; I entered the arena because I loved music, not for money. My transition from poetry to music was an evolution from the age of six to seventeen. 

Who was your influence?

When I was eleven years old, my father was a DJ, and I listened to everything from classical music to rock. At the age of seventeen, I would help him set up at pub venues.

Prince was actually my strongest influence. His music taught me that if I put my mind to it, I could achieve anything. Music doesn’t come with an age restriction, so you can get involved at any age

You chose to follow a path into the music industry; what did people think about your decision?

Everyone was very accepting, it seemed to be a natural progression for me.

I can remember that my father had a room filled with records. The influence was strong; they could see my transition from poems to writing music.

My husband is my biggest fan, his support was always there and still is today. That support was critical to my self belief as a developing artist.

– Di

Industry Success

I read that you have produced a staggering 500 songs and recorded over 150 of them, which is truly amazing. Tell me about how you write. Do you have a studio or sit in a garden for inspiration?

I write anywhere; sometimes, a song comes to me even when I’m driving, so I repeat the lyrics over and over again to embed them into my mind. Occasionally, I can’t sleep; I have access to my recording studio and even have a sofa to relax if I need to. I write quickly and never second guess myself. Technology provides valuable tools to aid creativity, and so I use an App that often helps.

Is success in your industry all about who you know or about creating a social media presence?

“Beware of sharks who promise you the earth, never give money upfront sign exclusives or give your music away for free”.

– Di

Social media is very time consuming; you need to be consistent, and it’s something that you can do yourself. It’s freely accessible, so it should be considered to be more of a tool. As far as publicity for songwriters, there’s enough love to go around. More avenues exist for young aspiring talent other than being in the right place at the right time.


TikTok, in particular, is a great way to engage with an audience, but there are other credible platforms for this industry to include; Instagram, Spotify and Soundcloud. Find some that works for you; as I mentioned before, use the tools available to increase exposure.

Do you have to wear many hats; business, creative, writer and singer?

I think that goes without saying, it’s very much part of the new now, but it has to be noted that you have more control and fewer people need to take elements of your earnings because of it. Although there are many hats to wear, making music should be your primary objective.

What is a Topline songwriter?

There are four or five different types of writers; Topline means that you can listen to any music and create another melody based around it with a vocal focus. Often this means more collaborations and generates more opportunities.

How would people in the music industry describe your voice?

I think that they would say that it’s soulful with a low range. The following track was taken from the track; Take You. I sing in the second verse, which is rare these days. 

Take You

What does the future look like for DiDs Music?

Creating my record label would be the future for me; it would be a natural evolution of my story. I think my dream would resonate with young artists who need a path to be defined for them to follow. 

BA Honours

You completed a BA Honours in electronic music production. You’re so academically grounded. How much of what you do depends on the theory?

Learning the theory is very important, at least it was in my case. I apply the theory every day. I plan to return to university in January 2022 to do a Masters in Music Business. This decision is to help me run my music label more efficiently. Although education is essential to me personally, making music has always been my passion.

Summer Vibes

Your catalogue is extensive. Do you have a favourite?

One of my favourites is Summer Vibes.


Di founded DiDs Music so that her songs could be sung, working with session singers and artists, enabling her to release her songs worldwide.

Things Di has achieved so far!

5 Single song publishing deals with two different Publishing houses. One in the UK and one in Norway

2 Sub-publishing deals in Brazil

1 Blanket Licence Deal to have my song played in shops, restaurants, etc. across the who of Europe

1 Blanket License Deal with iconcept for a major telecommunications company in Africa to use one of my songs for premium subscribers across the whole of Africa

8 Blanket Licence Deals with Mood Media in-store radio supplier to provide music in shops, restaurants, bars etc. in the USA

3 Blanket Licence Deals with MediaNet- Worldwide 1 Sync Deal with K-Digital Asia

7 Blanket Licence Deals with PlayNetwork- Worldwide 13 songs used on youtube Songtradar radio

8 Songs. added to Digital Compilation Album

One of my songs played on Songs for heroes radio station. 1 of the songs played on UK Country Radio

1 of the songs played on Uckfield 105 Fm

Ten songs played on itww radio + many more stations

May 11th 2020 – Crucial Music Library – Not A normal Girl

June 2nd 2020, signed with Rehegoo Music Group

Nov 14th 2020 Artist of the month with Rehegoo

Dec 2020 became an artist signed with AudioSparx Music Library 

April 2021 – Votes as one of the top 15 up and coming producers.


A networking magazine exclusive. This track is called; “No More” and has not yet been released. In collaboration with Zoe Snow it will be released on the 24th of June. This is a 30 sec sample which has kindly been sent to us by DiDs Music.

No More

With Thanks

Zoe Snow is a very talented songwriter; we are currently working together on a few songs. I assist her with songwriting, and we have worked together for about three years.

James Corbett is a Music Lawyer/ singer-songwriter from Dongle in Ireland. James and I wrote a couple of songs a few years back. We have stayed in touch, and he regularly helps with any legal stuff that I’m not sure about.

Tegan Kira is my very talented 15-year-old who plays guitar, Ukulele, drums, bass and sings.

Megan Lousie a talented singer who has sung with me for about four years and sung loads of my songs.

Steph Evans, Steph and I wrote around 40 songs together; both of us are lyricists.

There have been multiple producers/ songwriters I have written with over the years from all over the world. I’m grateful to have had the chance to work and know them all.

Social Media

We wish Di every success in the future and hope to catch up with her again at some point in the future. You can follow her story on her social media platforms; just press the images below.

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