The Networking Magazine attended the launch of a charity art exhibition held at Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, London.

Photography By – Sanj Saigal

Coal Drops Yard sets the scene for the launch of a charity art exhibition in London. Raising money for the homeless, I caught up with the organisers.


Lights camera action, Coal Drops Yard, is the venue for a very unique charity fundraising event. The prequel takes place just a few doors down from unit 76. Joao Bosco, a time-served tattoo artist and a property client, created an idea that has rocked the charity landscape with a firm goal to eradicate homelessness.

Photography by – Sanj Saigal

Firstly, it has to be said that Tattoos date back to Neolithic times. For readers unfamiliar with that time marker, that’s a time when mummified preserved skin displayed this ancient art form. Winding the clock that far back in history is relevant as this resilient form of expression fell in and out of love with decades past.

Social media platforms have propelled tattoo artists into stardom, with many held in the same limelight as celebrities. I can vouch for that myself bearing witness to their posts across the virtual landscape. As a result, tattoos are now considered a credible and acceptable form of mapping a personal and expressive story.

Society once shunned these artists, and their work only had negative connotations. Thankfully this didn’t last long, as celebrities endorsed designs and pushed them into the limelight.

Homelessness is a national problem in the UK, and it seems that age has no bearing. On a personal note, when I was contacted by one of the exhibitors, my smile spoke a thousand words as I wanted to get involved.

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Coal Drops Yard

Kings Cross in London boasts a regeneration project that is now a pinnacle of perfection. The balance between housing and commercial properties can’t be rivalled. As I exited the station, there was an overwhelming feeling of excitement for an area that was once only a commuter hub.

Photography by – Sanj Saigal

Charity Event

This sets the scene for an charity art exhibition perfectly, as it has similar tones that resonate with this story. The underdog rises above its problems, just like these unsung artists. Ironic that now, people boast about their work.

Approaching the site made me feel as if I was part of something. The tattoos that map my story somehow formed a connection with the room.

Each of the artworks on display told a story of expression, black and white, many with rich colour tones. Potential buyers circled them, curious to know the artist behind the canvass.

A new concept was born from the need to help the homeless, particularly the young age group of 16 to 21-year-olds. Not taking the limelight away from the other charities, this exhibition will run till the 27th of November, so if you’re scrolling your way through this between now and then, you still have time.

“Uniting global talent to showcase and celebrate this unique form of artistic expression, whilst also raising valuable funds for a very worthwhile cause – this has been such a refreshing and heartwarming project to work on.  The brainchild of Joao, it’s been a pleasure working with such a talented artist who’s as passionate about his own craft as he is about supporting others creatives – and crucially, those in need.

Zoë Allen, Founder of Artistic Statements 

The appeal of this event is not just the relevance of what Land Aid stands for in terms of a charity but the sheer power of the artistic designs. In addition, the overwhelming sense of a collective tells a story of uniting for a common cause.

These highly skilled individuals dawn their art for all to see at this charity event. It’s worth a look in, even if you’re not a fan. I can’t guarantee that you won’t bid as your eyes move across the room. Just know that the proceeds are all donated to a worthy cause.

The Networking Magazine would like to thank all the Charity members and event organisers personally and would love to have them on our podcast show in the future.

With thanks to:

Zoë Allen from Artistic Statements

Alice Lamb, Deputy CEO at LandAid

Joao Bosco – Exhibitor

Tim Hudson – Head of communications and engagement

David Partridge – Chairman at Related Argent

Tattoo Artists Against Homelessness is free to attend and will be open from 18 November – 27 November in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross.


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