John Capodice, My Way. An interview with the iconic actor. Hard work, determination and strong ambition define his career longevity.

John Capodice-My Way

In the theatre, I was on Broadway with “Requiem for a Heavyweight” and toured with Al Pacino in “American Buffalo”. I also worked in numerous dinner theatres and regional theatres all over the country.

John Capodice - My Way
John Capodice – My Way

My Way

John Capodice needs no introduction. An unquestionable work ethic which sets a non-negotiable standard. His professional career in television and film started back in the 1970s. He racked up an incredible portfolio of appearances. I have listed a few below.

Ryan’s Hope

Knots Landing


Law & Order


Will & Grace



Theatre was also a passion of his, winning two Outer Critics Circle awards. A gifted actor, he also turned his hand to notable film voice-over work.

As I scrolled through the list of movies under his belt, I began to realise that his face has appeared in all our lives in one way or another. 


The Doors

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Ace Ventura Pet Detective


Independence Day

Enemy Of The State

John Capodice – My Way


Why did you choose to become an actor?

One doesn’t choose acting; it chooses you. I wish that I could be more specific, but after half a century of living this life, I’m still pursuing it.

Hopefully, this provides a bit of insight into what it is to be an actor.

What were your initial reservations about your career choice?

I’m not so sure. I suppose it slowly came upon me, and it never stopped. 

I was at a film festival with a well-known character actor, and he said, “You will stop when you don’t want it anymore.”

Did you meet with any resistance from friends or family at the point where you started your career?

Sure, all my friends thought I was nuts, but it didn’t stop me. On the contrary, my mother encouraged me the most in spite of not knowing much about the acting profession.

Do you believe that the key to a successful career in acting is never to say no? Why?

Absolutely. Each time they tell you no, you pick yourself up from the ground and say yes. Never ever accept no. Remember, it’s not about rejection. The casting people are going a different way, and you’ll get the next one.

What advice would you give if there was such a thing as a parallel universe and you met yourself at age nineteen? Why?

I would tell myself to pursue the fundamentals, i.e. agent, drama school, pictures and resumes. In fact, all, the business side of it which was not my strong point.

If I could turn back the clock at the precise moment you decided about your career choice, what other options did you have?

As far as other options, I didn’t have any. You see, acting was in my blood.

John Capodice notable films

Wall Street

The Doors

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

The Phantom

John Capodice notable TV credits



Law and Order