Another spark emerged from the U.K. Indie Movie scene. It burns brightly with a British actor. Peter Tilley is Establishing his unique acting style, and his brand is growing.

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Peter Tilley – Macabre

He is currently premiering at the Horror On Sea Festival with four notable features. We talk to the actor behind Tales Of The Great War, Mosiac, Casting Kill and Horrorscopes, to name a few.

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An interview with Peter Tilley.

The Indie scene is riddled with challenges, from finding finance to distribution. However, there are credible reasons to get involved with a genre that allows total control over a process, not to mention the rewards.

The Networking Magazine talks to the iconic British actor.
Peter Tilley is a 23-year-old British actor well known for his work within the Indie Film scene. Top credits include Tales from the Great War, Casting Kill and Video Shop Tales Of Terror. He has established excellent relationships with Indie filmmakers, working with Raya Films, TIS Films and Trash Arts, for example.

Peter has loved acting from a very young age, committing to being involved in acting curriculum activities at secondary school and studying Drama for his GCSE exams. He loves to work on Indie films, helping to bring these passion projects for the filmmakers to life and also developing his own skills as an actor.

When did you realise you wanted to be a part of the Indie industry?

I’ve always had a huge amount of love for Indie Films. It was back in 2020, when Covid hit the U.K., and we were put into lockdown for months, that I discovered the U.K. indie film scene and so had the time to watch a lot of the filmmakers work.

I was drawn to how incredible these films were, how much passion and originality was put into these movies and made on such low budgets, still achieving some fantastic pieces of work.
I knew from then on that I wanted to work with these filmmakers, so I started networking on Twitter!

If you had to list a failure, what would it be, and how did it impact you?

Not necessarily a failure as such, but this would be a good example to use. I applied to a casting call for a great character in an Indie film from a fantastic production company that I very much wanted to work with, but unfortunately didn’t get the role. I was gutted, but I was aware that rejection is all part of the process in this industry.

A couple of months later, they reached out to me and offered me a role in another film they were working on. So it goes to show that even if you didn’t get offered the part that time, it will always happen at another point.

“No matter our age or experience, there’s always something new to learn”.

– Peter Tilley

What is the Indie Movie scene like in the U.K.?

It’s fantastic! I recently attended the Horror-On-Sea film festival, which took place in Southend-On-Sea, where it celebrated its 10th anniversary. So a vast range of different Indie filmmaker’s work were shown in short and feature film formats, some of which premiered for the very first time.
The community is seriously incredible.

There are so many talented, creative individuals, all supportive of one another and assisting in helping with each other’s work. That’s the thing. We all strive towards the same goal: to create some great movies, telling important messages and bringing stories to life that the audience will enjoy. I’m very privileged and lucky to have worked with some of these filmmakers, and I can honestly say that I have made some great friends for life.

What was the most significant accomplishment to date and why?

The past two years have been quite surreal! There have been so many fantastic moments.
An accomplishment I am very proud of is a film I star in as a lead role titled ‘Tales from the Great War, a World War One horror/thriller film from director Andrew Elias which had its World Premiere at the Horror-On-Sea film festival recently.

It was a huge moment for me as a lot of my family and friends were in attendance for the screening, and to see them watching my work on the big screen for the first time ever is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid. When Andrew got up on stage to introduce the film to the audience, and he mentioned me in a special little shoutout, to see the audience give a round of applause to my name, that nearly brought me to tears!

Peter Tilley

If you could rewind time, would you do anything differently?

I’d start even younger! Time is so precious. I’m very privileged for what I’ve achieved so far this early on in my career. I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been provided. Still, there were so many years of being on the back burner, not doing anything acting-wise. If I could get those years back, I would have jumped into this filmmaking world even sooner! But do I regret anything? No! In my opinion, life’s too short for regrets.

“Always work on your craft”.

– Peter Tilley

If you could speak to a group of new actors, what words of wisdom would you give them and why?

The first key to success is to believe in yourself. Anything can happen when you put your mind to it. Secondly, network wisely. So many great things can happen from doing this. It’s all about making connections in this industry.

Always work on your craft. We are continuously learning. No matter our age or experience, there’s always something new to learn. Lastly, and most importantly, never give up!

Did you meet any resistance from family and friends when deciding to start a career in acting?

Luckily my family and friends have always been very supportive and interested in my passion for acting. I’m very appreciative of the love, support and praise they have shown me towards my work. It’s a great feeling to make people proud of who you are as a person and what you do.

Can you tell the audience about the movie projects you were involved with?

I’ve been fortunate to be involved with a lot of projects! Tales from the Great War is a horror/thriller film set against the backdrop of World War One, featuring a number of well-known Indie film actors and special guest appearances. Then I appear in Horrorscopes: Volume One, where I play an evil centaur named Sagittarius. That was fun!

Peter, do you have an end goal?

I’m on an exciting journey. As for where that final destination will take me to, who knows? The sky is the limit!

What projects are on the horizon?

There are a lot of exciting projects in the works; 2023 is going to be busy!
I’m filming The Other Side in March, a short drama/thriller film from Mitchell Burrows with a male-heavy cast. It’s a very important story to tell to the audience.

After that, I’ll be moving on to Murder in the Auditorium – a murder mystery set in a theatre! Then at some point, I’ll film Video Shop Tales Of Terror 3: Pick ‘N’ Mix, which I’m very excited about!

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Jason Impe plays ‘Sagittarius’ in this movie. He portrays ‘Ginger’ in Tales from the Great War and ‘Ross’ in The Other Side.