Born in Ukraine, Julia earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Banking and management. There was a passion for photography and modelling.

Julia Mindar - Dare To Dream An image depicting a camera with an urban tone.
Julia Mindar – Dare To Dream

If you are unfamiliar with the name, let me tell you first-hand that her brand has amassed some 200k social media followers and growing. A highly educated creative Julia Mindar turned her passion for photography and modelling into the dizzy heights of a celebrity influencer.

Photo produced by: Julia Mindar

Julia Mindar was born and raised in Ukraine. She Got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Banking and management in Poland, where she occasionally modelled and did photography. Interestingly, besides modelling gigs, her first job was as a personal trainer at a gym. But that lasted only briefly as it didn’t provide enough flexibility or financial benefit. So soon after graduating and returning to Ukraine, she decided to pursue her fame and fortune in Los Angeles. 


By admission, her knowledge of how to capture a professional photo that reflects her experience, the depth of light and angles provides an unparalleled advantage for a model. Julia continually sets a non-negotiable high standard that resonates well with aspiring models. In addition, the ability to capture multiple looks defines an inability to be confined to one genre. 

The social media landscape is continuously evolving. This pushes influencers to maintain a very high level of content designed to captivate and identify with a fan base. If there is such a thing as a responsive online celebrity who knows precisely what to do and when to do it, Julia Midar is one of them.

Photography by Jesus Lopez

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and know your worth”.

– Julia Mindar


Featured on the cover of Maxim, it brought a new dimension to a professional career and helped cement her brand. An iconic look also drew significant international media attention. Multiple Instagram accounts encompass her skill set. These include @juliamindarphoto @mindarphoto @eventphoto_la @julia_mindar.

Each one identifies through an array of images. But this isn’t a story of just success. So instead, I wanted to learn more about Julia’s story highlighting some of the challenges she faced early on in her career and how she overcame them. 


In a world filled with influencers from all walks of life, particularly on Instagram, I wanted; Dare To Dream to help inspire new talent. My particular interest was in how education, focus, attention to detail and beautifully captured images carved out a career from humble beginnings. I caught up with Julia Mindar in Los Angeles for a candid conversation about her journey. 

They say modelling is a skill, using light, shade, filters and positioning to play to an advantage. Is this true?

Yes, this is very true. I recently viewed my photos from years ago and was astonished by how much progress I’ve made. Knowing your best sides, how to use your body to achieve the best angles, and lighting knowledge contribute to a successful photo’s key components. Being a photographer is a cheat code because I know precisely how lighting works and am very attentive to details.

You have a unique perspective on modelling. You have worked both sides of the lens. Does this give you an advantage? Why?

My experience in photography gives me an advantage. Funny enough, photographers absolutely love me as I am ‘one of their kind’, but some also mentioned being intimidated by how good my work is compared to theirs and feeling nervous about working with me.

Working both sides of a camera is something that I thrive on, and I enjoy the experience.

Photo production by Julia Mindar

At what age did you realise you wanted to be involved with photography? Is it something you discovered, or did someone point you in that direction?

Definitely discovered, and I am not sure how it happened. I was about 18, and I wanted a good camera. I started it as a hobby, and a big part of it was editing. I have loved playing with Photoshop since I was a kid, so I believe all of this came from my love of art and painting. I attended an art school when I was little.

It was more a sequence of events rather than a strategy. Downloaded from the universe, call it fate. I found related industries that I have a passion for being involved with.

You are now an influencer. However, how much of what you do requires social media content, and is it difficult to always play to the demands of your followers?

Oh, God. Nowadays, it feels like you can only do business with a social media presence. Most of my LA career is built around my Instagram. From getting the first clients to sending it as my portfolio when requested. Nobody wants to look at your website anymore. 

What was your biggest accomplishment? Why?

It is hard to judge oneself, but I am proud of the name and influence I’ve built for myself over the past few years as both a photographer and a model. 

We have all learnt from our mistakes in one way or another. Do you have a lesson you have learnt that helped you to follow your dreams?

Not to compare myself to anyone else and to know your own worth. 

Photography by Aria Askari

You have acted, and this brought a different dimension to your career. Can you tell the audience about that experience?

It is impossible not to get caught into acting while working as a model in LA. Acting in commercials and music videos inspired me to dive deeper into attending a 2-year acting program. That was a life-changing experience that I recommend to everyone. Acting is definitely more challenging. It requires a lot of work and dedication; however most of the time, it’s an unpaid effort. So it is not for the weak-hearted.

If you had three wishes, what would they be? Why?

Wow, that is a hard question. I want to increase my influence to have a bigger platform to help and educate people. I want to do more acting in the future and wish to do more work internationally! 

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