An interview with Jani J. A multi-talented songwriter who is drawing worldwide attention. We talk to the music producer, model, social media influencer and skilled music artist.
A photo of the talented and skilled JaniJ in a modelling pose. This image was used an a lead image to promote her editorial.
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Jani J – The Talented Music Producer, Model And Influencer.

by Sanj Saigal

Talented Music artist

Her real name is Jissel, but you can call her Jani J, favourite hobbies include acting, writing music, modelling, listening to music, watching movies, going out to restaurants, anything that has to do with art & entertainment. Everyone loves stories about talented people who originated from challenging backgrounds far from privileged, and this one certainly meets that bar. Defined stereotypes are prevalent throughout the social media landscape; this story is certainly one that goes against the grain. A talented and skilled music influencer with a strong work ethic. An interview with Jani J. A multi-talented songwriter. We talk to the music producer, model, influencer and skilled music artist.

Big dreams

The pursuit of achieving big dreams

Bilingual in both Spanish and English, chapter one started when she was just nine years old. In the pursuit of achieving big dreams, she has done catwalk modelling, commercials and acting. All of the above meant that she could carve a career and turn experience into a flourishing business.

A passion for modelling provided a natural pathway to move forward; it was an eye-opener. The end goal is to become a recording artist/ songwriter, film and tv producer and actress. With over 12,000 followers on Instagram, there is a portal to combine her skills and create a voice for her talent as a multi-skilled artist.

The Interview

Time zones

A difference in time zones coupled with Jizzel’s strong work ethic meant that we had to do our interview in stages. I have to say that I loved the challenge and it fused the UK and US together demonstrating that networking is truly worldwide.

Photo by – @realtalk_ny

JaniJ the multi-talented social media influencer and model is posing with an expensive car.

Starting a career

Why did you start a career in music?

I wanted to express my feelings in a very creative way, so I started looking up YouTube beats and began writing songs; there was little belief that I could do it. Finally, however, persistence and determination gave me direction. Since that defining moment, a significant change in my life took place, and I have never looked back.

The Influence

Who influenced you?

I’m not going to lie when Cardi B and other female rappers like Mulatto and Meghan the stallion were rising in popularity within the music industry; I got inspired by their talent, so I kept on writing until I elevated my writing song skills. It’s always been in me; it just took a push.

Skills can be dormant, especially within young talent. My advice would be to focus on role models and find your motivation to succeed.

My career is coming together. The purpose is becoming clearer and clearer and the circle is beautiful. Life is thriving, so grateful to be present and healthy. Grateful to have people rooting for me as I chase my dreams. Life is amazing and I choose positivity.


Social media

How much of what you do is dependent on social media?

A lot because when people are watching, talking and engaging in whatever you do, not only is your work is recognised and heard, you are expanding your business skills and crafts, so I depend on social media to develop and expand my presence.

Platforms such as Instagram create a platform for me to express myself and engage with followers. A global reach is a unique feature, and that’s very valuable, especially when you have something to say.

Talent Vs Looks

Do new artists have to be talented or just look good in photos?

I would say that talent is more important than looks. I know a few females in the industry who are incredibly talented and are not as popping as the other pretty female artists.

Although both are a plus, especially for females, you get many perks for being “pretty” because, in the industry, the truth is, a male artist can go on stage and perform, be ugly as hell, and people would still listen to his song. But, on the other hand, a female has to work harder in terms of presence, demeanour and talent!

Age Limit

Is there an age limit on a talented artist, or can you just keep going?

There is no age to being an artist because you’ll always have that talent no matter if you are young or old; it’s in you. So if you have a dream believe in it and do it no matter what age you are.

Is your industry flooded with talent or the opposite?

I would say that the industry is flooded with talent, but more so CLOUT. There was pure talent back in the day, and only the greatest would make it to the top. Now you have people making songs about random things, and the words don’t even make sense. They just have a flow, a mic, a social media account with a big following in front of them, and they are automatically launched depending on how good the song is.


How would your friends describe you?

Too nice, down to earth, kind, funny and crazy, they would tell you that I’m cute too, lol.

Whatever you do, as long as you operate with honesty, integrity and intelligence, the universe will have your back. Always.

If you got into a time machine, would you go back or forwards? Why?

I would go forward because the past is the past. Although I would want to change certain things in the past, I don’t regret anything that I’ve done or went through.

If you could meet yourself aged 18, what advice would you give yourself?

Slow down with wanting emotional and mental support.
Take everything in life seriously but not that seriously
surround yourself with people who will positively influence you and not negatively. The reason why I say that is because I had fake people around me at that time.

What’s on your wish list for the future?

To complete, accomplish and be successful in all my goals.

How would you personally describe your voice?

Very sweet and undertone. I’m not the best singer, but my hands and creativity do the job for me.

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