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So… how many times do you walk into your kitchen and decide: “Today I’m going to try out some new recipes! I’ll roast a chicken and make a pot of Curry. For dessert I’ll bake a cake and pancakes… and, you know what, I think I’ll make an Apple pie while I’m at it!”

My guess is that you wouldn’t try so many different recipes all at once… right? Can you imagine all the ingredients that you would need? Can you imagine the mess it will create? And not just that! All those dishes need to turn out edible…

Now you can’t imagine creating all those dishes in your kitchen, all at once, (unless you’re a master chef) but have you thought that you might be doing this with your business…? Have you been trying to incorporate too many “recipes” (aka, business plans) into your business…all at the same time?

Choosing the right recipe

Are you feeling defeated from trying to do it all and discouraged that you’re not getting the right results? The reason for this is, you’re spreading yourself too thin – trying to do everything! It’s time to stop trying to figure out “What else do I need to do to attract more clients?” Instead, it’s time to find that one “recipe” that works with you! A recipe that you can do over and over again that yields the best results – every time!


Let me introduce you to my secret business recipe, that I teach my clients (and use for my business): Your Client Attraction Program. My recipe consists of four main ingredients or business strategies: the visibility, attraction, relationship and transformation strategies.

The Visibility Pyramid

This strategy works like a pyramid: at the base of your visibility pyramid is your website, the middle section includes your social media presence and features, and at the apex are your awards.

The foundation of your visibility strategy is your website. Luckily for you, it’s easy and affordable to create your own website these days. If you don’t have the time but you have the funds – outsource this work. Be courageous and get your website out there! Your website will be your business’ home base; this is where all your traffic from your social media accounts will be directed to.

Now that your site is public, it’s time to show up and become more visible! Social media is the perfect tool for this! But with so many platforms to choose from… How do you know which one is right for you?  Firstly, decide which one you’re most comfortable with or the one that suits your business best.

Next, determine how you will communicate through this platform to your audience of potential clients. Will you write posts or share blog articles? Will you create videos or podcasts? Or share images? You can use almost all of these ways on one platform – but start off with what you enjoy doing and what aligns with your business’ needs. At a later stage, you can work on using other ingredients to add to your client attraction recipe. For now, focus your time and energy using one or two platforms.

Once you have started gaining traction and attracting more clients, you can work on the next step of your visibility strategy… Getting featured! This is where you can showcase your expertise on other businesses and people’s platforms. By being featured in blogs, online/print magazines or podcasts, you will increase your exposure to a wider audience and future clients.  So, start networking and connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Finally, the apex of your visibility pyramid is receiving recognition for your expertise! Apply for awards and be acknowledged as an expert in your field. This is a sure way to attract more clients! Your future clients will trust you because of your acknowledged skills.

Remember, your visibility strategy is all about being aligned with yourself and the needs of your business.

The Attraction Factor

The second strategy is attracting your clients! “How do I do this?” you may ask. The answer is simple. Your content is the attraction factor!

When your content is related to the needs of your ideal client, you’re guaranteed to attract their attention! Start doing this on a continuous basis and your ideal clients will want to connect with you.

To do this you will need the 3 faithful C’s: Clarity, Commitment and Consistency.

Firstly, it’s important to have clarity about your content. Your ideal client’s needs are at the heart of your content. You need to communicate their needs clearly and effectively in order to truly connect with your audience.

Creating valuable content that your audience identifies with, will ensure their engagement. But creating valuable content consistently… now that will convert your audience into paying clients! And this is where your commitment comes into play!

Before you post your content, you need make a commitment to your business and your clients: “I will commit to creating my attraction factor and posting consistently!” Without commitment, nothing gets done and everything falls apart! Are you committed? Yes? Great!

Now, that you’re committed – you may ask yourself “How often do I post?” It could be as often as once or twice a week or even daily – that is entirely up to you and how much time you have to create enough content for your commitment. You could start out with once or twice a week, and then gradually build up to daily posts – if that is your goal.

What’s vital is, once you decide how often you’re going to post, that you remember to stick to your commitment. I know consistency is not easy to maintain, but with amazing social media managing apps there is no excuse.

All you need to do is book an appointment with yourself and create your content for the month, then schedule the posts through the social media managing app. It’s that easy! Then at the end of the day, you don’t have stress because you’ve forgotten or didn’t have time to post. It’s all done for you!

The Authentic Relationship

Your valuable content and consistency will start building trust between you and your audience, as you begin to develop a relationship with them. This brings us to the third ingredient, your relationship strategy.

Your content and presence online, is not just about attracting your ideal clients but connecting with them personally. Your visibility gives your audience the opportunity to get to know who you are too. And relationships are all about getting to know each other and building trust.

A great way for you to do this is through your email list. Emails are like handwritten letters; they are a touch more personal than just posting on social media. An email provides a more intimate interaction between you and your audience.  

Emailing is just one way of interacting with your audience. There are plenty of other ways to connect with your audience on a personal level, as long as you are being your authentic self. Authenticity is essential when it comes to building relationships.

Listening is the other vital key to building a trusting relationship. I always say, “We get taught to talk but not to listen!” So, remember, when your building relationships with people it’s always about listening to your audience of potential and existing clients.

What are your clients saying to you? What is it that your ideal client needs help with? The answer to these questions is the service or product you can provide to them to solve their problems. Which brings me to the core of your relationship strategy – being able to sell your service or product.

Building a relationship with your audience provides you with the safe space to sell your service or product authentically. And authentic communication leads to authentic selling; through something as easy as a conversation. Get this right and you’ll be able to sell your service or product over and over and over again! You’ll never feel uncomfortable or weird about selling again. This is where transformation begins for you and your clients!

The Client Transformation

The final ingredient in your client attraction recipe… the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of a sundae or the fresh whipped cream in your cappuccino – is your transformation strategy. This is the package of the service or product that you’re offering. The solution that takes your clients from where they are now to where they want to be!

But in order for your client’s transformation to take place, your package needs to be perfectly enticing! You need to clearly show them why they need to work with you or buy your product, and what they will miss out on!

Having a clearly defined package that solves your client’s problem – is an offer they can’t resist! Which leads to a “buying decision” – that moment a member of your audience transforms into your client!

The beauty of client transformations is they produce fantastic recurring clients, and lead to amazing referrals, through their generous testimonials. Which, in turn, increases your visibility and generates more client transformations.

A harmonious recipe

All in all, your four strategies form a perfect circle; working together in harmony to attract clients and grow your business.

As you know the more you use a recipe the better you get at it. To the point where you put it in the drawer and don’t need to look at it anymore because you remember what ingredients to use and how to prepare the dish.

It is exactly the same with your business. Develop your client attraction recipe to align with you and your business’ needs. Find a platform that works for your business in your visibility strategy. Create your valuable content for your attraction factor strategy. Build lasting relationships with your audience for your relationship strategy, which will boost your transformation strategy and transform your audience into paying clients!

You will see that this secret recipe will yield the same results every single time. Then use it over and over again, and you will attract more clients!

About Henriette

Henriette Danel is a Strategic Business Coach working with professional Female Entrepreneurs in the service-based industry, to help them Attract High-Paying Clients Continuously.

She’s also the host of The Entrepreneurial Success Podcast and a Public Speaker.

Her speciality lies in her unique ability to take anything complicated, dissect it and put it back together in such a way that’s easy to understand and implement. Because of this, her clients gain clarity and receive amazing results in the shortest amount of time.

Henriette believes that running a business should be fun, encouraging and led with integrity. This requires your commitment and clarity. And once you’re focused, signing up clients more continuous comes naturally and organically.


Instagram: @henriettedanel