With nearly 11,500 followers on Instagram and signed to Sony Music Publishing Spain, Yarea is a brand grabbing international attention. We caught up with the singer, songwriter and influencer at her studio in Madrid.

Photography By: @juanewan

At only twenty-three years old, Yarea has a unique voice that crosses the boundaries of R&B and Pop.


When did you realise that you could sing?

I started in music at a very young age; my father was a strong influence and signed me up for music classes at the age of six. 


I was composing at age seven and knew that my love of music would be my career. It was a defining moment for me. After that, all I wanted to do in my life was to sing.

A pink image stating the music artist, singer, songwriter. Yarea is the title of this article; My dream.

I sang with my father at small venues, then as a teenager, recording my first song at eighteen. Following that, I moved from the south coast of Spain to Madrid, where I carved out a niche for myself within the music industry.

If you could name one person who has influenced your decision to be in the music industry, who would it be and why?

My father always pushed me to fulfil my dreams; he is very much part of my journey and so enthusiastic about every step I have taken. 

If you could meet a younger version of yourself, what advice would you give?


Firstly, be patient; things will happen little by little if you work hard. Secondly, never give up. Trusting in your judgement and learning that time is part of the process are so vital.

How important is social media to an artist?


Very important, it’s no longer about just songwriting; it’s all about connecting with your fan base and sharing your life. So unfortunately, you’re under a lot of pressure to be the version of the artist they expect you to be. 

It can be a superficial world, therefore some of the most important things fade into the background. 

Notable Achievement

What was the most notable achievement in your career so far?

To be able to say that I dedicated myself to music 100%. As a result, I have achieved a contract with an iconic brand to write music and feel my career is taking off.

You write, act and sing, do you have a favourite and why?

I love writing music the best, watching how words transform into a song that touches the hearts of so many; it’s a beautiful process.

What advice would you give new talent trying to make it in your industry?

Above all, never stop working, so have a disciplined work ethic, however be patient and surround yourself with good people you trust.


If you had a time machine, would you travel backwards, forwards or stay in the present?

I’m obsessed with the past, so I would like to relive those moments that I know would never happen again. So I would choose to go back but not change things, just relive those special moments and appreciate every minute.

Looking at Instagram as a social media platform, new talent seems to get younger every year. Can an artist keep going, or is it a short career?

There is a lot of new talent, that’s true, and they are getting younger. But, if you constantly deliver at a high standard, age is irrelevant, and you can achieve a long career.

What are your plans for this coming year?

Keep growing, both as a songwriter and as a singer. To sustain longevity from the industry that I love with a passion. 

I want to continue to learn from other artists and then organise some concerts to increase my reach.


What types of mistakes do people in your industry make?

Most importantly, knowledge about how the music industry works is vital. However, relying too much on people who are not a good match professionally or personally is not suitable for any career. You’re vulnerable at the beginning, so make sure you’re versed with how things work.

Do you think that the future of concerts will be physical or virtual post-pandemic?

There is nothing like experiencing live music; for example, there is a connection with people. There is something very special about performing live, and I hope things return to the way they were.


Your Song

If I could write a song about you, what would I call it?

For example you could call it something that symbolises a contrast between sweet and dark.

If I asked your friends to describe your singing voice, what would they say?

Sweet, intimate and full of feelings, I hope hahahahaha.

Are you planning to perform at a London venue?

Hopefully soon, I have never been to London therefore, I really want to visit, and of course, take my music there.