A catch up with Javier Jiménez Sacristán. The man responsible for taking Córdoba Football Club to the First division in 2014. Now responsible for introducing technology into the world of Football, We spoke to him from his new Head office in Mexico.

How Teknei is introducing technology into Football.

Readers who have followed his journey would understand just how significant his background is to his new venture. Teknei is a growing company providing technology solutions to companies. These services include; business content management, robotic automation processing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Javier is a fascinating man with solid military roots and has a professional journey to see him apply his talents in Spain and Mexico. I wanted to catch up with him and learn more about Teknei and how he has adapted to the new now.


Is blockchain fashionable?

Very fashionable, more and more clients generally want to track their supply chains. Data can be followed like a story. Everyone who is involved with and the task can be tracked from beginning to end. As a result, tasks can be monitored, and efficiency can be improved.

My goal is to develop our services with a real focus on Football, taking full advantage of my background. In addition, this type of technology can be used to raise funding for specialist projects.

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Big Data

Tell me about AI and big data.

An example of how this technology has been adapted to the football sector is just one of many applications.

There are a lot of platforms that are used to study players and make recommendations based on efficiency. This technology can influence anything from buying players to tracking player performance.

It’s been a year now since Javier moved to Mexico from Spain, and I wondered just how much it had changed?


How has Mexico changed?

For me, it’s a very nostalgic place, I have retraced my steps to when I started my professional journey, and I have to say that it’s a fantastic place.

The focus has been on remote working; few people would say anything to the contrary. I’m no exception, so during the Pandemic, I was working in Mexico from Spain.

I love Mexico, and it’s always been good to me. Food is still very spicy, and you get accustomed to it. I have revisited all the nostalgic places that meant so much in my past. I have also connected with people and still maintain a connection on a personal and professional level.

I’m older now, but from another perspective, the culture stood still, and on some level, I’m back to my second home. People are very relaxed and bond well.

Head Office

Our Head Office has now moved to a business centre model, modern meeting rooms, communal areas mean that we are better equipped to deal with the Pandemic. We have been responsive to change to help us navigate through this difficult time.

Biometric technology used in the Football Sector.

The Future

What are Teknei’s future goals?

Teknei will be developing our global partnerships; The English language will dominate our future plans. Football and technology work hand in hand and are both international. We want to find and identify new and developing markets that could benefit from our business solutions as a strategy.

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