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This is an image of a book because this article is about reading and finding a good work life balance.

Looking for something different that could potentially entertain AND enlighten you? Here’s a breakdown of why reading is a great way to spend your free time in a world that’s constantly buzzing (literally and digitally).

Level of boredom

Picture this – you’re sitting down idly scrolling through your phone, tired of all the oddly relatable memes, viral videos, and picture-perfect posts on social media. No other apps, games, shows or movies can satisfy your level of boredom because everything feels so repetitive and mundane. You need a change of scenery to focus your mind elsewhere, but where to look?

How about… a book?

Reading Words

Some of you may be thinking: How is a book going to cure my boredom? Reading so many words is exhausting… I’ll probably get bored again eventually… I couldn’t even finish the last book I read, why bother trying again?

Perhaps you’re just reading the wrong books.

There’s an endless world of books out there, with an abundance of genres, themes, plots, characters and more. There are also multiple platforms and formats available, whether you prefer reading physical books, i.e. paperbacks and hardbacks, or e-books on your smart device.

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Work life balance

Life gets busy at times with work, education, and simply just trying to get through each day, especially with the current pandemic still lingering in the background as society gradually transitions to the new “normal”. We don’t always have the time to fully relax and indulge in what little freedom we have. As readers, we may sometimes feel that getting lost in a good book is an unproductive use of time; however, we can turn that mindset around by seeing it as an opportunity to educate and entertain ourselves. What may initially seem like a chore could potentially turn out to be a fun and engaging experience.

Through reading and momentarily immersing ourselves in another world, we can not only learn more about the topics we choose to focus on, but we can also learn more about who we are as individuals as we find characters and little snippets of information that we can relate to. We may also find helpful tips and advice that we can implement in our own lives to change the way we behave, how we view the world, or to enhance our knowledge and skills. Wherever your interests lie, there is bound to be a book that you will enjoy that may lead you on a journey of self-discovery.

Photo of an electronic book reader to promote this article. A new chapter, how reading can enhance your life.

Judging a book by its cover

We’re often told not to judge a book by its cover, yet due to human nature we sometimes can’t help the way our critical minds work. However, if we look past the surface, we may find that what lies beneath tells an entirely different story. There are many ways in which books can impact our lives, it just takes a minimal amount of effort to begin. So go on, stop mindlessly tapping away at your screen, find a suitable book and get reading.

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