Vidcast; that’s what you get when you fuse a podcast and a video. The bolt-on-services people are talking about.

Having someone interview you about what you do and more to the point, how you do it is next to impossible. Given the pace at which we are practically speed networking, you are left with never really knowing exactly how effective it is. It be great to have a point of reference, there is nothing like an editorial, it’s worthy of sharing, provides a profile lift and generates interest.

Networking Magazine Vidcasts

Your website acts as a business tool to display information in a general way. Don’t get me wrong; there is a place for it. Targeting specific information is often difficult to do, besides there is little scope to push the people behind a business model.

The concept of a business community continuously sharing their articles provides a very high traffic environment that puts many businesses irrespective of sector, under a spotlight.

Our website works in tandem with the flip version of our magazine. As our magazine is quarterly, there must be a parking spot for pending articles queuing for placement in the next edition. This provides us with an opportunity to offer bolt-on services to complement your editorial.

Bolt-on Services


Videography fused with podcasts are a new concept and is an excellent way to display logos, portfolios, highlighted text and, of course, showcase a voice.

If you are camera shy and hate your voice, don’t worry, it can be our voice talking about our experience with your business and still provide the desired effect.

Once the production is finished, we upload the final cut to form a podcast version for Spotify. It gives you double the optimisation and creates a following for your brand on two platforms.

It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.

As our concept evolves, we listened to our clients; they want Podcast updates to be placed onto their articles to keep their features both alive and current.

We want to promote style; we will embed a Spotify player onto your article and a magazine player onto our home screen. This will distance ourselves from boring pre-recorded conference call formats that you see on almost every social media platform.


We want your article to come to life; we will create a unique bespoke QR code for your business stationery & meetings to point to your feature. They can also be featured on your social media static adverts.


You can have space in key positions within our virtual magazine and website which will be backlinked to drive website traffic.
Service means everything to us so that you will have a dedicated person assigned to you. This will ensure that the editorial process is managed from infancy to completion.

The networking magazine is a unique concept that offers a viable advertising option aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. If we have your attention, contact one of our editors to find out how we can help you.

“We Can’t wait to write about you”.

– The Networking Magazine