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A company that is very passionate about rebranding projects.

Every business owner needs to take a step back to take a helicopter view. One of the areas that tends to stay static is developing a brand. Now that we are on our third publication which will be out on the 15th of May, I wanted to focus on our image.

“Proud to be different”.

It didn’t take me very long to pick up the phone and speak to Pink Frog’s owner. Responsible for some of the most iconic branding in London, Lisa was the person to talk to. I wanted to share an insight into the process of rebranding since it’s such a relevant topic.

Iconic Branding


Pink Frog, say no more. A company that specialises in branding and rebranding projects. #pinkfrog #branding #rebranding #designer

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Firstly, it’s fair to say that the concept of branding is not on the agenda for most people. There are a variety of reasons, but financial is a crucial factor. From my perspective, a logo must be complemented with colour tones that contrast.


Owners need ideas and a base to choose from; rebranding is not something that happens, and then you forget about it. Google lead how there is a multitude of Logos and colours used on an everyday basis. When you speak to Li, you notice very quickly that she listens before she speaks, which I found refreshing since it’s usually the other way round. Her experience in the design sector becomes apparent as the process evolves. Twenty years in her industry impacts the process and forms guidance, something that is wanted and appreciated.

Each stage was very structured and managed; questions reflected the business’s vision, and I think that’s very different. The colour options chosen were from a selection that provided choice rather than too many options. At no point did I feel that I needed speed to take preference. The true benefit here, and I speak as an owner, was obtaining logos in various forms, from thumbnails to banners and formats to suit both websites and print and colour options that reflected the desired effect.

Meetings can be virtual and very informative; give some thought into the vision you want to obtain before your appointment as that is important to convey. I think Pink Frog is the perfect rebranding company with a strong and established brand that prides itself on obtaining results.

Lisa from www.pink-frog.co.uk

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