A return to normality is the theme for this magazine cover. Work has started on the next edition. Magazines start their life with a storyboard, and our May edition is no exception.

This cover is more in line with the hospitality sector and suggests a return to normality. We are featuring business owners who value an editorial to map their journey. They will serve as a reference point and be a valuable tool to share across the social media landscape.

Coming Soon!

The proposed publishing date for the flip magazine format is May the 15th; however, any editorials generated between now and that date will feature in the blog format. We want to find out more about the people behind a business, so editorials will focus on the people behind it rather than conform to an advert.

Our next magazine is our third edition and so will feature new services such as our Vid-Casts. These are are a fusion between a podcast and a video production. Shared directly from our YouTube channel, they are a perfect editorial compliment. This edition will feature a curated selection of services to include; SEO optimised text, 4k high-resolution video footage, stand-alone Spotify podcasts, bespoke social media static adverts, which have QR codes.

The cut-off date for submitted articles is May the 1st. After this point, they feature on our blog version until the next available production date for the flip magazine. If you are considering an editorial on your business, use the contact page on this blog to have an informal and virtual meeting with one of our editors.

We will set up a virtual meeting at a time to suit and discuss your individual needs. The appointment will take approximately twenty-five minutes. If you decide to proceed, contact us to arrange an interview. The interview questions are based on the person or people behind your business model.

Our Vid-Casts are unique and offer a fusion between a podcast and video advertising.