Proud to be different.

We have started working on our third edition. There must be a beginning, a middle and an end. The third edition has started its life as a storyboard, fusing images and text which will change and evolve through its lifecycle.

We are introducing new technology and services to the magazine, which will bring added value to both featured editorials and audience.

There is a substitution of actual words for Latin text whilst the magazine content is created. Image placements such as social media icons and Spotify players are linked on the final run before the magazine activation as a live version. It helps us to form a storyboard and have a clearer picture of the format.

The most appealing and relevant images that reflect colour, design and creativity are selected to complement our editorials. Our flip magazine version’s contents page is interactive, and the text will flash to prompt interaction. Links and images will direct your potential clients to specific information, thus targeting your promotions and website.

When articles are approved, they are parked on our blog until the quarterly flip magazine production date and then transferred over so that you can enjoy representation in both formats. A paid SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist ensures that your editorial will receive the very best online exposure.


There is nothing like having someone other than you showcasing your business model. Every owner wants coverage because it makes for effective sharing of content.

As our offering is two-fold with the blog and flip magazine format, there is added value, and when the two versions are fused, your editorial evolves into a unique form.

I want More!

Sometimes, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Double your feature by adding another two pages for a discounted price.

It’s ideal for clients who want to focus more on a portfolio and need extra space to showcase images.


They are created using state of the art video production. In stunning 4k high resolution, we can include your logo, portfolio and contact details set as a backdrop to your Podcast. Unique and bespoke, they help your business stand out and act as a good reference point.

Our Vid-casts are unique, created in a production form shared directly from our youtube channel—a perfect highly visual tool used individually or as an editorial compliment.

I only want to advertise!

We offer a standard roomy quarter-page box advert for clients who want to advertise—professionally designed using paid image stock in 4k high definition with a maximum of 20 words. This option is currently only available on the flip magazine version.