More than words.

Our want and need to introduce a blend of complementary services that would enhance an editorials exposure is high on a list of priorities.

There are two types of people, those who love to listen to and those who love to watch. That’s the motive behind having representation on both Spotify and YouTube.


There are occasions where we have little or no time to face a screen on conference call software; we want someone to speak for us. Podcasting has become a global phenomenon, especially with Covid – 19 impacting business.

Our contributing magazine editor had a stab at what it’s like to be in the driving seat of podcast production. The movement creates a very different marketing vehicle, beautifully curated on professional editing software and fused using 4K high-resolution backdrops; I think any business model would value these productions an effective editorial complement.


A word that I think we can all relate to during these testing times, sit back and enjoy the podcast; remember, you can have your logo, portfolio and a more visual representation, something that other formats don’t offer. These productions are provided exclusively to our clients individually or as part of a package.

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Well, let’s face facts, some of us want to listen, and I have to admit that there are occasions where I’m multitasking, and watching isn’t on the menu. We record our podcasts so that they are also available in just an audio format. There are too many platforms on the podcasting landscape, so we decided to go with a brand that is user friendly and freely accessible. If you have the patience to listen to Shabnam’s voice again, close your eyes and listen.

We are so excited to bring something different to the arena, and our passion for design and all things beautiful is something that we are very proud of. Please don’t be shy; contact us to find out how we can complement your business with an editorial worthy of sharing.