The Foreboding: Fractured is an eclectic mix between fear and suspense. A captivating and nail-biting script leaves viewers on the edge of their seats

The Foreboding Fractured - Movie Review

The Foreboding: Fractured influences the audience’s passion for the horror genre.

Lighting, and time-sensitive deadlines, not to mention harsh weather conditions, are testimony to the dedication and commitment to a project that Alex Staunton-Hill wrote. 

A talented writer, he brings together good old-fashioned horror notes, which are fused with an ensemble of young and, dare I say, fresh-faced actors. This, in turn, plays to effect as it fits perfectly as they portray University students.

A poster depicting the winner of best horror. The Foreboding: Fractured won in this category. Award from Pegasus Film awards.


Entering the woods for a simple camping trip, four university students find themselves hunted for reasons unknown. With their fates being intertwined in this place, how can they ever escape? Perspective is everything.

“The Foreboding: Fractured is an eclectic mix between fear and suspense. A captivating and nail-biting script leaves viewers on the edge of their seats”.

– Networking Magazine

The Foreboding: Fractured influences the audience’s passion for the horror genre. I say this because it flirts with a traditional cabin, lake, and Forest model. That said, the visuals offer thought-provoking depth that complements the eerie twists and turns this movie provides. 

Twin Pinnacle, responsible for overseeing the background audio, adds another layer of emotion and intensity to the overall film experience. The visuals effortlessly moved between scenes, and this, significantly aided with sound features engaged the audience.

“The soundtrack adds another layer of emotion and intensity to the overall experience.”

– Networking Magazine

The visuals utilise natural elements like the cabin, forest, and campfire, and this, deliberate or not gives the feeling of a much larger budget. 

The Foreboding: Fractured Cast

Peter Tilley plays Aaron, the class clown whose happy-go-lucky nature balances the group of four students. This is established early on and, at times, brings light comical notes, which is refreshing given the movie’s plot. Although a vital part of the production process, Peter is the producer of this movie and meets the strategic balance between acting and producing well. 

Alex Staunton-Hill takes a hands-on role as he plays the character Connor. Although involved with screenwriting, his part was true to character. More reserved and level-headed, he stabilises the group and, to some extent, steers the audience’s direction. 

“The dialogue is sharp and witty, adding humour and depth to the characters.”

The Networking Magazine.

Eve Kathryn Oliver is a very experienced and talented actress whose experience shows. Eve plays the part of Abigail and is a more serious character, often the voice of reason and Connor’s love interest.

As the plot of this movie twists and turns, Eve keeps the appetite for suspense alive for the audience throughout the film. 

Olivia Bennett plays the witty, temperamental, and somewhat argumentative character of Lauren. Olivia has a BA Honours degree from Laine Theatre Arts from 2020 -2021, with further training at the Actors Studio in Pinewood Studios. 

Playing the love interest of Aaron’s character, her background brings a sense of harmony to the group and offers a different synergy to this young group of university students. 

“The performances of the actors are truly remarkable, bringing depth and authenticity to the characters.”

Networking Magazine

Critical Parts

Last but no means least, homage to the actor who plays a critical part in this film. Sienna Shih plays the role of Amy. Not placing any spoilers on the table, she brings a sense of terror to an otherwise suspenseful setting. 

Sienna Shih is a Taiwanese British Australian actress with experience in stage, screen, and radio. It shows as she effortlessly depicts the character of Amy with finesse. Sienna cuts a figure of fear, and the background music works well within the depth of her role. 

A solid acting dynamic is portrayed in the overall feel of this short film offering. Each actor brings something unique to Kemal’s directorial placement.

No film production can be successful without a crew, and Annabella Rich, Nikko Turner, Max Russell, and Miles McAllister collaborate with a pool of diverse skill sets to create on-screen magic. 


Kemal Yildirim is the Director, Editor, and Director Of Photography. His attention to detail and thirst to bring a scare factor to fruition deliver an edge to this short film.

“The film explores a horror theme with nuance and thought-provoking depth.” – The Networking Magazine.

Kemal is no stranger to this genre as he returns to the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival in 2024. His previous offering, the feature film ‘The Haunting Of The Lady Jane, premiered at the festival in January 2023 and was met with positive reception.

Given the movie’s time parameters, the cast’s ensemble provided an ambiance that sets well within the horror genre. For what it lacks in time, it makes up for in the storyline. We would award this movie the thumbs up but don’t take our word for it, as positive vibes are felt from across the board, including IMBD and the Horror Asylum.

We hope to see more from this dynamic cast and wish them every success for the future. 

“The plot twists and turns keep viewers on the edge of their seats, never knowing what will happen next.” – The Networking Magazine.

Join us for a conversation with Alexander Staunton-Hill, Kemal Yildirim, and Peter Tilley to discuss their latest movie, “The Foreboding: Fractured.”