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Business Press UK

As the UK published author of the children’s novel Dreamstones, I love the idea of publicity. The most credible marketing is for someone other than you to write about what you do and how you do it. Of course, every business owner would relish the idea of the UK press writing about their business model, but the reality is that the costs are just too expensive. 

Celebrities and influencers

Writing about celebrities, influencers and notable business leaders, we offer small businesses the opportunity to sponsor editorials.

Our editorials appeal to up and coming new talent who would seek value in reading a life story. Contact us if you want to feature; every editorial is optimised using SEO guidelines and Google AMP publishing technology, maximising your article’s exposure online.

“Our editorials won’t disappear; they follow SEO guidelines”.


There are two links, one for the flip magazine version and the other for our website version. Share the magazine link to enhance your profile on professional social media landscapes such as; LinkedIn, nothing like a business editorial to raise awareness. 

Our magazine is available quarterly with no subscription, so it is free to read. You can either pay for your own editorial or sponsor one, Priced for small businesses. 

There is a feeling of pride when someone writes an article about your business; it gives cause to share and acts as more credible publicity than a standard advert.

Social media

Content is everything online; in the battle to capture attention through text and images, we feel that our offering is unique and captures the imagination of audiences across the social media landscape. 

Our best advert for what we do and how we do it are the celebrities, influencers and notable business leaders who we have featured.

Contact us today for an informal and non-comital conversation about how to get featured.