A passion for business.

A conversation with Sidney Simpson the founder of SOS procurement.

The Journey

Seldomly do you meet someone so passionate about what they do for a living as Sidney Simpson. I wanted to know more about the man behind the business.  

How did you get into this industry?

I got into the building sector by default, being in the locks and fittings sector. Softly spoken but very confident, explaining that at that time, the goal was to secure a job with Banham Locks. You almost got the feeling that if time had stood still, he would still be there today.

He was a little apprehensive to provide me with the name of his next employer; Knobs and Knockers. He laughed first, had he not, I think that I would have found myself on YouTube. Based on the ironmongery trade he spent several years, progressing to a managerial position. 

The ’90s brought with it a recession which had a devastating effect, a period of reflection and one that would force him to leave the comfort of a set profession and cause him to enter the world of sales. 

Having a stammer in those days was considered a disadvantage to most, certainly at that time. A love of music provided an escape route for him as he slowly but surely overcame this and even forged a career as a music talent promoter.

After attending a job fair, drawn towards Jewson Builders Merchant, he later became part of the frontline sales force. They considered his attitude to be an attribute that would help to achieve targets. 

He moved on from Jewson to Buildbase, where he spent several years in a managerial position, whilst there he was headhunted by one of his large account customer’s with a turnover of 12 million to form a new construction buying dept. With his merchant experience and knowledge, he was able to implement strategies that would save the company £’s thousands of pounds and in doing so increased their bottom line.

It was after this stint that he plucked up the courage to open his own business, realising that he was now equipped with the knowledge to develop a customer base of his own.

Sidney’s business model is now four years old, the journey as an underdog needed to be told as it defines a work ethic that continues today. He wasted no time in telling me that he was proud to own his company.

How did you come up with your company name?

I wanted a name and logo that facilitated a call to action, the origins of which came from Sailors in distress. I thought about how l could provide buying solutions for contractors/developers and design & build architects that would allow them to grow without the need to employ additional staffing.

What’s Your Claim To Fame?

During that period of reflection in the ’90s and before embarking on his merchanting career Sidney was offered an opportunity to set up a wood flooring business, he trained and was guided by an existing business who supported Ikea, he was then able to achieve his own Ikea and John Lewis installation contracts. Whilst building his team he was approached by a producer of Carol Vorderman ‘Better Homes’ programme on ITV having installed a floor at his home and was invited to take part in an episode which was televised.

The Future

We are the company that will offer you a free service; ‘How I asked’? “– We have a network of general & specialist suppliers and make our income from agreed rates, which multi-million-pound companies currently enjoy. Our expertise is in general building materials & specialist products such as; Bespoke joinery, Bespoke sized timber sections and Insulation.

We focus on our strengths and offer buying & logistical solutions; A one-stop service for all your construction material needs, tracking each order from A to B whilst offering comparable competitive prices.

  • We want people to see us as their virtual buyer, whether your project is large or small
  • We provide this free service that allows you more time to manage your day to day activities
  • We are the go-to solution for your buying strategies
  • We want to change mindsets – that is our goal

“The expertise and buying power that SOS Procurement brought to The Rye Apartments was invaluable.  As a small company, we don’t have the resources to track down the best prices and most reliable suppliers.  Working with Sidney allowed us to make a quick a phone call to place the order and not have to worry about the materials till they turned up on-site on time and as specified.  The reliability of their service gave us real peace of mind and allowed us to focus on the design and quality of the construction.” Ty Tikari, Director Tikari Works. – a leading architect who has featured on ‘Grand Designs’ Channel 4.