Behind every brand, there is a person. These unsung heroes often create ideas and concepts and turn them into credible stories. I managed to catch up with one such design hero and got an insight into what it’s truly like to be a designer, this is her story.

I think you have to be born creative, you just can’t become it. Lisa Webb definitely was, today you will find her in Westminster working with business leaders across diverse industries. Some of the High Street retailers that we use on a daily basis whether online or physical have had some connection to her business. With a mouth-watering portfolio to include law firms, hairdressers, property developers and magicians. 

Story Telling

That phrase has done its rounds within the Design Sector but it’s so true says Lisa who believes that professional branding has a bearing on business growth.

In high demand, most if not all of her work is done remotely which I think has become the new norm with COVID -19 fuelling the need to stay at a safe distance.

How do you get inspired?

Clients have a story to tell and they live for that story. Telling that story in a certain way makes all the difference to a business model.

A huge smile filled the screen and it was that smile that helped to tell her story. Lisa prides herself on human interaction, she has a true need to listen to a client’s wish list and produce different ways of telling the same message, providing choice. 

One thing that struck me was her confidence, it gave me the impression that she was so used to doing business on conference call software. 

How do you find clients?

I have always lived by the code; “ you are only as good as your last design”. I create to give clients a reason to refer me or return. There is a good argument to suggest that this combined with delivering a service that suits different budgets and timescales will always make good business sense.

“It’s not what I do, it’s how I do it that defines me”

-Lisa Webb
What’s your core market?

Honestly I enjoy working in a diverse market so there is no one size fits all approach, I will work with any sector. Over the last few years I have specialised in women start ups and that’s not to discriminate against men in anyway, it’s just something that happened.

How has your market changed?

My market hasn’t changed, jut the way in which business is done. Everyone has made changes and my business model is no exception. I started my business just over twenty years ago and embracing technology has been the most notable change.

Startups Vs rebranding

So many companies need a fresh look and a fresh approach to stand out in a crowded market space, they need to connect with their audience and it’s my job to help them do that, whether its new designs for their marketing, POS or a re-branding exercise. That said, I work with just as many start ups where owners need help with their branding and I love it: it’s such a privilege to help someone launch a new project. 

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