They say that a successful business starts with the right name. If that’s true, here’s one to remember.

Online companies appear to be taking the lead as they begin to move into uncharted territory previously dominated by a physical presence. Ambrosia quality food limited, a main supplier presented an opportunity for OMG to offer their products to the general public. It took both time and money to build and develop a relatively new business and establish brand loyalty. 

Fortunately, the current situation with Covid-19 provided a much-needed boost as habits shifted towards internet purchases. OH My Greek is an online Greek supermarket offering the very best Greek products that Greece has to offer. 

Customers are offered the opportunity to relive their own Greek shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. One of the key contributing factors in their journey has been their focus on quality. This is a non-negotiable standard and one that they believe will offer longevity.