The story of a child who dreamt of making a difference. An acclaimed street artist who is famed for his unique designs.

A Spanish based graffiti artist

Over the years, artists have experimented and saught acclaim for various forms of art, some of which designed to cause controversy. I have always admired art, albeit from a distance, with a longing to be more creative. Grafitti is now a recognised art form with well-known artists fetching millions of pounds for their controversial work. I was very fortunate to meet one such artist who intrigued me with designs and creativity that defied the norm.

His journey started when he was very young, born in Alicante, Spain; the year was 1983; he moved to a small fishing village called Los Alcazares when he was only six years old. His family maintained strong connections with his home town and a famous passageway leading off from the beach was in those days synonymous with street art. 

He saw the work of suso33, Tom Rock’s elephants, Inka’s pieces to name a few outstanding pieces of this up and coming art form that embraced expression. It caught his attention and remained etched in his mind to this day. 

They had a profound impact on a child of his age, so much so that they would eventually form the motivation to create unique designs of his own. Each time he visited and stared at the designs, they appeared different.

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