A conversation with Graham Wheatcroft, the resilience trainer who is reaching new heights.

An interview with Graham Wheatcroft.

We all seek balance in our lives; I think in most cases, that goes without saying. It seems more relevant today than it ever has been. One such image often associated with Yoga and meditation, and mental health is the Yin and Yang symbol. Its curious and appealing design reflects the harmony between work, rest and play.

Yin & Yang

I was fortunate to meet Graham Wheatcroft on a business networking group. Both professionally and personally, he promotes everything that the word; resilience stands for, oozing with energy and a legendary work ethic that most of us strive to achieve. 

It’s been such a challenging year for people, spending long periods at home, unable to find a rhythm of life that once served us all so well, with Freedom being the operative word. 

Struggling to overcome a relationship breakdown, he faced untold anxiety issues that were self-destructive. His reference to a dark place and a low point in his life resonate with people who have experienced a similar scenario. 

Determined to break free from a downward spiral, a glance at a parked dumbbell would change his life forever. A curious mind combined with a fighting spirit would see him challenge himself to 100 curls. The driving force behind this was purely to see how he would feel, unknown to him; it would see him catapulted into a successful career helping people stay away from dark places and finding a life balance.

Why should people contact you?

My background was in Personal training for an iconic hotel chain. I know first hand that the public is coaxed into spending countless hours lifting weights to get results. 

I promote the use of simple tools such as body weight, dumbbells or even tins of beans to train and time-efficient training sessions. And I put so many other factors into the mix as I believe that meditation, breathing, and focus have a significant part in obtaining an overall feeling of accomplishment.

It’s this unique blend of elements that create a very different ambience and experience for my classes. 

Do you have a physical studio?

The simple answer is; no, I don’t. I use a virtual platform called Remote Coach; it gave me an extensive reach, much more than a physical presence could ever offer. The term; “pocket personal trainer or pocket PT is a natural evolution for my industry”.

As I promote a fusion between a traditional PT model and combine it with breathing techniques, meditation, exercise and mind conditioning, I like to think that I bring something new and dynamic to the table.

The majority of my clients feel that there are real benefits to a virtual presence; my reach now includes the USA. I want to turn my attention towards corporate training as more and more people are currently working within a home environment.


I have many interests, and being a family man; I love spending time with my children. Aged 7 and 20 months, they keep me in check and give me a higher purpose.

What symbol would you use to describe your business?

That’s a great question; I think a rocket would be the answer, forging forward at speed, moving in an upward direction. I feel that my journey can benefit people who have experienced anxiety.

What types of services do you offer?

I love treating everyone with a bespoke approach, tailored to their individual needs. However for clients who need more defined parameters; I offer choice.

I offer a twelve-week package with all area access. There will be a link to my Facebook page on this article for information, and you can always contact me on messenger. I strive to offer a non-negotiable high standard and at a competitive price.

The future 

In a world filled with uncertainty where there are constant challenges to overcome and the aptly named life balance is disturbed, it’s comforting to know that someone like Graham has the experience to offer guidance. Solitude and resolve for anyone who is feeling anxiety and wants a path back towards restoring that equilibrium between the mind, body and soul.

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If you would like to find out more about Graham’s training experiences, 1:1, group and corporate, contact him via his Facebook page or email.


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6 Comments on “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

  1. I have been training with Graham for the last 2-3 months having net him at a recruiting event. I’m in remission with breast cancer, Graham has helped with not only my physical recovery, but with mental health too. He is not only an excellent personal trainer, but a good friend and confidante.

  2. I have been training with Graham for almost 2 years now. When we started I carried a lot of weight in my belly and had very little upper body strength. Today at age 48, my chest is bigger than my belly, I am as strong as I was in my 20’s and I am in the best overall health I have ever been in. I am both mentally and physically more strong and durable than at any point in my life. And I have not set foot in a gym to accomplish this… 100% in my home or exercising outdoors. This is the first sustainable fitness program I have found. Sustainable from a time standpoint, I am a husband a father with 2 young children and business owner, I MUST be efficient with the time I have or I will not stick with it. Also sustainable as I have been injury free for 2 years. Every other program I have done I sustain an overuse injury which sidelined me, leaving me without the motivation to get back when I heal. Graham is the real deal.

  3. Working with Graham has changed my perspective about personal training so much. I imagined being ‘told’ what to do but how different is it – Graham does the workout alongside us.

    I felt that in my severe obese state that there was ‘no point’ – it would be too difficult but Graham has worked hard to help me establish a positive exercise regime but on top of that he has counselled my through minor problems.
    Graham is so positive and helps my mental health just as much as physical health.

    More recently I have had small victories such as my partner telling me he can tell my body shape is changing as he can get to his handbrake in the car easier – I thought he was ‘just saying it’s but I checked – he is right.

    More so I’ve developed some dimples in my tummy that are showing me changes in my weight and shape.

    Graham has been so facilitating, amending all activities to suit me. I had a full week at work, my legs were feeling so uncomfortable and so my hour session was one type of lift – the dragan lift. We talked about my body and my issues – before I knew it 50 minutes had passed and I had done between 500 and 600 dragan lifts. A lift that I have found so important for many different areas of my body, core strength, heart health and stamina.

    I do not have enough words to recommend Graham. He is facing his own journey and is real. He is awesome and although he is my trainer, I feel a good friendship building. A friendship I will forever treasure.

  4. I have only been training with Graham for a month now and the results have been phenomenal. Feeling so much more energised, focused, productive and getting more movement and momentum in all areas of life. I’ve always out of having a personal trainer until I met Graham. He really takes time to get to know you and give you what will grow and evolve you. He’s an inspiration. It was also an honour to shoot these photos and coach Graham on his journey of expansion too.

  5. Well I have been training with Graham for a month now and was really hesitant to go for it at first. But I am so glad I have!
    The 1 to 1 sessions have helped me regain confidence in my fitness abilities, and I feel overall more positive and energised. He has also helped me with my overall wellbeing.
    Graham is an innovate fitness coach, who inspires. 🙏

  6. I met Graham through Instagram a year ago. Love the support and tips I’ve received on his Facebook page. Finally starting to show a little muscle 🙂!

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