Navigating Debt Restructuring. A podcast featuring Ron Mookerjee. Ron is a debt expert, helping business owners with debt-related issues.

Navigating Debt Restructuring

I’ve spent over two decades working in the financial industry, specifically focusing on helping businesses manage their debts and liabilities. During this time, I noticed a common challenge faced by many business owners – high levels of supplier and bank debt that often hindered their growth and profitability. This inspired me to develop strategies and solutions to address this issue and help business owners navigate the complex world of debt reduction.” – Ron Mookerjee

A Few Featured Questions

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you became an expert in reducing supplier and bank debt for business owners?

How exactly do you go about reducing supplier and bank debt for business owners?

Can you share any success stories without dropping a name or examples of how your strategies have helped businesses?

How do you help business owners who are personally liable for their company’s debts?

Can you share any tips or advice for our listeners who may be struggling with supplier or bank debt?

Navigating Debt Restructuring Extract

It goes without saying that as with all financial matters, be it personal or business-related, you should use due diligence and make informed decisions, and if in doubt speak to the right specialist“.

– Networking Magazine


Personal guarantees can be a major concern for business owners, as they put their personal assets at risk. I work closely with business owners to explore legal and financial strategies to mitigate these risks. This may involve renegotiating personal guarantees with banks and creditors, implementing asset protection measures, or exploring debt consolidation options. By reducing or eliminating personal guarantees, business owners can safeguard their personal assets and focus on growing their businesses with peace of mind.

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